Best Villages in Sapa You Must Visit

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Sapa has a large concentration of many different ethnic groups in a space not very large. Traveling to Sapa, tourists should visit and discover the five beautiful villages listed below:

  1. Cat Cat Village

From Sapa town center to Cat Cat Village is only 2 km. This place is the oldest village of Hmong ethnic people and still retains many traditional crafts such as floristry, linen weaving and jewellry making. Also retained are many unique customs that other regions do not have, or no longer exist in their original form. Through the looms, Hmong people make up colorful brocade with unique patterns simulating grass, flowers, birds …

  1. Ta Phin Village

Best Villages in Sapa – The first stop for travellers visiting Ta Phin is the monastery, a unique, ancient structure of western-style architecture built in the late 19th century. Facing the monastery is Ham Rong mountain with its spectacular beauty and many different shapes. From the rock formations emerges a giant dragon shape, head rising high over an area of Sapa.

Continuing the journey, you will get to visit the brocade club by Hmong & Dao ethnic people. Visitors can admire the vibrant colours of traditional costumes worn by Hmong, Red Dao people.

Together with the brocade club, traditional medicinal herbal bath products are also being restored and developed. Currently, Ta Phin has 18 households of Dao people who specialise in the manufacture and trade of herbal bath products. Besides this, they have also built bathrooms housing wooden barrel tub for tourists to experience the herbal baths and wash away the aches, pains, worries…

  1. Ta Van Village

8 km southeast of Sapa town is the village of Ta Van. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle of the Giay ethnic people. Ta Van village road is just a small, narrow dirt track with fertile terraced fields on either side. The main occupation of the Giay people is rice-growing, and also they produce and carve silver. Visiting here, do not miss the chance to explore the rich culture of Giay people and learn about their customs as well.

  1. Ho Village

In Ho village, you can stay overnight and experience the warmth and hospitality of a friendly native family. In the morning, you will be guided to visit the Hoang Lien National Park, where plant species and wildlife are abundant. Because the climate in Ho village is warmer than other areas (an average of 18 – 25 degrees Celsius) so travellers can immerse themselves in the cooling waters of the stream and admire the majestic waterfalls.

  1. Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village belongs to San Sa Ho Commune, located far from Sapa centre about 4 km, not many tourists know about this village therefore it remains authentic from the unspoilt scenery to traditional customs of its ethnic people. This village is the home of 1400 Black H’mong people. Coming to this peaceful village, visitors will be surprised by the many elderly people who live here and their secret to longevity of life.

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