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19th April, 2017 | Article By Isaac Tours

The Isaac Tour’s 21CLUBDR Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the Dominican Republic, operating in Rio San Juan. Our mission is to educate and empower boys and girls to create sustainable solutions to end generational poverty. We currently provide school supplies to over 80 Dominican and Haitian children at their respective schools, as the public school system in the DR is ranked the worst in the region. Help us to educate, empower and eventually employ these girls and boys to end generational poverty!

Many children in the Dominican Republic struggle to thrive in a life of extreme poverty. Exposure to violence, drugs, prostitution, chronic insecurity, hardship and hunger pose challenges that no child should be forced to navigate. Inferior schools and illiterate parents compound the problem and create a generation of children who see a life of hopelessness and failure. Providing a safe, wholesome, and nurturing environment is just the first step in rescuing these children. Given a sense of protection, belonging and belief in oneself, equips them to take positive steps to create capabilities. 21 Club Dominican Republic provides an opportunity to create these capabilities. Our school partnership provides for the impoverished children from the local area to learn and belong. Most importantly, our programs fill children’s basic emotional, social, and academic needs in order to equalize the educational playing field and open up opportunities for success.

Find out more about our 21 Club Dominican Republic School Supplies Program and how you can help

By Isaac Tours

Isaac Tours
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