The largest mud brick city in the world, Yazd

3rd December, 2018 | Article By Soroush Angabini

Yazd, the brick city of Iran, is a remarkable place, with its unique Persian architecture and one of the largest qanat irrigation systems in the world, it has recently been awarded UNESCO world heritage status.

Historically, Yazd was once an important town on the Silk Road trade route passing through Iran and still is a city economically reliant on trade.

However, today, its notable mud brick architecture, thriving bazaar, restaurants, cafes and a labyrinth of narrow alley ways to explore, make it a super city destination in central Iran, worth seeing when travelling in the region. Guests are welcomed into beautiful traditional houses as accommodation. On the roofs you will see thousands of wind towers which were an amazing invention, at the time, for ease of living in the desert. As one of the few remaining strongholds of the Zoroastrian faith, you can tour the city’s Zoroastrian cemetery and learn about the burial rituals which took place thousands of years ago. Dowlat Abad Garden is another place to visit where you will find the country’s tallest wind catcher and a real desert garden to enjoy.

By Soroush Angabini

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