Palais des Papes

23rd March, 2015 | Article By David Murray

You can’t holiday in Provence without a visit to The Palais des Papes in Avignon.  This magnificent monument was constructed in 1335 and finished in under twenty years and is still proving to be one of the most visited attractions in France.

The building itself, stands proud in the centre of the city, unfortunately, there’s not a lot to see internally as nearly all of its artefacts and furnishings were removed back in the twelfth century. Still, it is an architectural feat and oozes history from it’s extremely thick walls.  Years of tourists trundling up and down the corridors and stairs have worn away the stone in places, yet this enormous historical statement hasn’t lost any of its bygone patina.   

As you leave the building, immediately opposite is the Pont d’ Avignon, a lovely old stone arched bridge spanning the Rhone River.  Most tourists like to take a walk across what is left of this well-known bridge (partially destroyed when Louis Vlll laid siege to the city) kind of seals the end of a rewarding day’s sightseeing. 

By David Murray

David Murray
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