Creative township experience!

3rd November, 2015 | Article By Proudly Macassar Pottery

Join us on the cultural experience of a lifetime!

You will learn how to handle clay, make an item, and work in our studio alongside youths whose lives have been changed by their interaction with the earth in their hands.

The experience includes lunch – a local flavour!

During your visit you can expect to:

PLAY! – Have fun with clay as local youths teach you a few tricks of the trade. Get your hands dirty and let the clay share its secrets with you…

PAINT! – If you stay in Cape Town long enough, we will fire your creation and return it to you. If not, you can paint your own pre-fired African Ocarina clay flute. This is collaborative gifting at its best – the flute is from us, the decoration is by you – with lots of love to that special person in your life.

MAKE MUSIC! – Our experienced percussionist will yet make a musician out of you! Learn how to dance to a new rhythm as we teach you to play the UDU, an ancient West African percussion instrument made of clay.

EAT! – Our range of local delicacies with tea or coffee will delight your palate, even as the clay relaxes in your hands.

By Proudly Macassar Pottery

Proudly Macassar Pottery

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